How to Compile the Linux Kernel

A step by step guide to complie a Linux Kernel

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What is Linux Kernel?

The Linux kernel can be defined as the core component of the Linux operating system. It is a piece of software that manages the system’s hardware resources and provides essential services to other software applications. In simple terms, the kernel acts as a mediator, allowing the operating system and the hardware to interact effectively.

Requiremented packages

  • git
  • fakeroot
  • build-essential
  • xz-utils
  • bc
  • ncurses-dev
  • libssl-dev
  • libelf-dev
  • bison
  • flex

Download Linux Source Code

To compile the Linux kernel, the first step is to obtain the source code. Which can be obtained from official website Download the required kernel version.


It is recommended to select a stable version unless you have specific requirements for a particular version.

Extract the Source Code

tar xvf linux-6.0.7.tar.xz

Configuring Kernel

  1. Navigate to extracted directory.
cd linux-version
  1. Copy the current kernel config to current directory.
zcat /proc/config.gz > .config
  1. Make changes using the following command.
make menuconfig
make menuconfig

Building Kernel

Build the kernel by using the following command.

make -j$(nproc)

Install Kernel

The compiled kernel can be installed by using the following command.

sudo make -j$(nproc) modules_install
sudo make -j$(nproc) install
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